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Vladimir Leben



Vladimir Leben GLAVNI TRG 35 8290 SEVNICA SLOVENIA   Vladimir Leben was born in Celje in Slovenia on 1 January 1971. First he attended the Secondary School of Design and Photography in Ljubljana, then he continued his studies of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana.   His first exhibition was in 1991. Since that time he presented his work in four solo exhibitions and participated in many group exhibitions at home and abroad.  Vladimir Leben lives and works in Ljubljana and currently he is very busy with animated films.   SOLO EXHIBITIONS:     2004 GALAPAGOS   1998 Gallery Alcatraz, The Metelkova City, Ljubljana,  1995 Gallery Media Nox, Maribor, Slovenia  1994 Gallery Grad, Sevnica, Slovenia 1992 Art Club, Ljubljana, Slovenia     GROUP EXHIBITIONS:   1991 Gallery Slon, group exhibitions by students of the Academy of Fine Arts,  Novo mesto, Slovenia 1992 Gallery Kapela, Krško, Slovenia 1992 The Mediterranean biennale of young people, international exhibition, Reka, Croatia, 1993 Gallery Arci Nova: Artisti giovani per la pace, international exhibition, Trst, Italy, 1994 Gallery Marina: The end of contradictions, discords and conflicts,  Kostanjevica, Slovenia, 1995 Gallery Hiša, Maribor, Slovenia, 1996 Gallery Škuc: The matter of agreement, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 1999 The First International Karst Biennale of the Real Graphic Arts,  Komen on Karst, Slovenia,  2000 The Posavski Museum: Images of our era, Breľice, Slovenia, 2001 Gallery Alcatraz, Too Modern Art Museum, The Metelkova City, Ljubljana, Slovenia 2001 The House of Culture Pivka, Festival Love and Art, Pivka, Slovenia 2002 XXV Bienal de Sao Paulo, Iconografias Metropolitanas,  2004 Muzej Premoderne Umetnosti   website:


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