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Viktor Šest



The academic painter Viktor Sest was born on 2. April 1956 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. There he also graduated from the Academy of Fine Art with Professor Kiar Mesko.  After graduation he moved to Maribor, Slovenia where he got a job with the Obzorja Publishing House as a technical and artistic director. The year 1984 was a turning point in his artistic career when he decided to devote himself completely to painting. In that period he had several solo exhibitions throughout Slovenia, Austria and Italy. He was still pretty much involved in illustration and his work can be seen throughout a whole selection of books - Gema Hafner: Half for fun, half for true; Yone Dodlek: Spot on the moon; Marjan Kosicek: Love in the Autum of Life and Zorko Simcic: Three Musiscians or Return of Pretty Vida for which he received the Glazer award for illustrations in 1996. In the recent time he has also got involved in caricature. He creates coloured drawings with motifs of topical local and foreign events. He lives and works in Maribor, Slovenia.

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