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Duša Jesih

Dusa Jesih was born on 1977 in Ljubljana. She lives and works in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. In 1996 she finished high school of Art, Design and Photography in Ljubljana and in 2003 graduated from Fine Arts on Art house - College for Visual Art, Ljubljana. In 2006 she post graduated in painting. For the present she lives and works little here, little there, in Ljubljana and in village Kal near Pivka, in capital and in the countryside, engaged in painting and printmaking. She participated in numerous exhibitions, colonies, residence programs... at home and abroad. Since 2004 she is a member of Community association of Slovenian artists ZDSLU. Since 2006 she is a mentor of art classes on Slovenian university for third life period. From 2006 to 2007 she was twice on expert and research advanced studies in Paris, living in Cite Internationale des arts. From 2008 she has a status of self-employed artist.

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Evropska unija

Projekt je pripravljen s finančno pomočjo Evropske unije v okviru programa Phare CBC Slovenija/Italija 2003