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Robert Almasi

He was born 27.1.1948 in Moravske Kracany. He gained first professional skills by professor D.Chatrný on Secondary school of Artistic Industry in Brno (1963-1967). In 1968 he studied monumental paint on University of Creative Arts, led by professor L.Čemický, P.Matejka and F.Gajdoš.

After finishing studies he returned to Rye Island to Dunajska Streda. He became strongly inspired by local region. Besides monumental paint he is devoted to cabinet painting and graphics.

Author is deep-rooted in his birth country, with strong emotional connection to region of Rye Island, constantly looking for and discovering the soul of this country. Colorful home, warmed with the sun, is always present in his pictures. Along with strong  interest to home country he is also deeply inspired by love to woman and by people´s relationship to the home country. All this incentives are externalized by various nature motives in his pictures.

Besides artistic activity he is a chairman of West Slovakia Creative Artists Association, a deputy-chairman of Contemporary Magyar Artists Gallery in Dunajská Streda. He is also leading young, starting artists. Since 2004 he has moved to birth village Moravské Kračany, where he lives and works in his own atelier and gallery.

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