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Helga Cmelka

Helga Cmelka
Geboren 1952 in Mödling, lebt in Brunn am Gebirge
Seit 1990 Mitglied des Wiener Künstlerhaus
1989, 1992 Ankaufspreis des Kunstförderungsfonds der Wiener Handelskammer
1993 Preis beim Kalenderwettbewerb der Fa. Mannesmann zum Thema „Wasser“
1994 Wojti-Wimmer Preis des Wiener Künstlerhauses
2001 Stipendium, Bundesländeratelier Paliano/Italien
2003 Teilnahme am XXXV. International Artists Symposium in Györ.


Through the processes of layering, weaving, spinning and painting, Helga Cmelka explores ideas that relate to the composition and structure of human existence, arbitrarily exposing an inner world. (As the Hungarian poet Weöres wrote: "When a woman dissects an orange and readily offers you a few segments, she almost exposes her inner self, presents you with that which is due to you, from her own personal emotional world") In a reflective and individual way artists expose, identify and perceive fine layers of reality. In placing each layer on, or over another, weaving together, Cmelka implies cohesion defined by intense colour.

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Evropska unija

Projekt je pripravljen s finančno pomočjo Evropske unije v okviru programa Phare CBC Slovenija/Italija 2003