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Joanna Mankiewicz

Joanna Mankiewicz - graduated from the Faculty of Painting and Graphics of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź in 2007. Her MA thesis covered three parts: a theoretical work titled Exchanging Artistic Ideas Between the Old and The New World in XXth Century; Artistic Attitudes Towards Primitive Cultures, a graphic design of a daily newspaper The Phenomenon, and an exhibition of her works of art. Artist lives and works in Warsaw as a designer, illustrator and painter. She is also a university lecturer and the owner of a design agency JOJO Studio. She is an active member of the Association of Polish Artists and joins in the activities of the artistic group Young at Art. Regularly participates in exhibitions in Poland and abroad.
2010 - Review - Section of Painting - Gallery DAP, Warsaw
2011 - News - Gallery DAP, Warsaw
2011 - Ground Art. Warsaw Art Festival - Gallery DAP 2, Warsaw
2012 - Young at Art in the Space of Mind - Gallery DAP 3, Warsaw
2012 - Between the Niemen and the Vistula - Vilnius
2013 - Abstraction 2013 - Gallery DAP 2, Warsaw
2013 - States of Concentration - individual exhibition, Gallery 3678, Warsaw
2013 - Storm - DAP Gallery, Warsaw
2013 - News - Gallery DAP 2, Warsaw


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