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Robert Scott

Robert Austin Scott
Robert Austin Scott, painter (b at Melfort, Sask 16 May 1941). Robert Scott studied fine art at the Alberta College of Art, Calgary (1969) and the University of Alberta (1976). He is one of a group of prairie abstract artists whose work is characterized by experimentation with the formal qualities of painting. Influenced by New York abstract expressionism and abstract colour-field painting, Robert Scott has developed a style of drawing with his fingers through the top layer of paint to expose the underpainted colours. The incising can be highly controlled and patterned, or random. The resulting rhythm creates visual tension, a quality comparable to Jackson Pollock's automatic style. Robert Scott also explores visual textures by painting with thick acrylic gel and by using a spraying technique. In 1993, an exhibition of his recent work organized by the Edmonton Art Gallery toured nationally.


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