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Piotr Zemsta

Piotr Zemsta -

Polish surrealist painter, sculptor, and set designer. His style and thematic execution have been influential. For most of his career, Piotr Zemsta has worked predominantly in oil, acrylic paintings, creating monochromatic surreal future dreamscapes. His most distinctive stylistic innovation is that of a representation of human bodies and machines in a cold relations.

Piotr Zemsta is one of the best known contemporary Polish artists. He is a surrealist and visionary in the artistic imagination, born of the world beyond the boundaries of art, or science fiction, fantasy .. world of the future. Originality of subject of his paintings go beyond any previously known surrealist art climates in the world. His works are collected by many private collectors around the world and the private and public institutions

Paintings created by Piotr Zemsta are a presentation of imagination, fantasy and form. The author introduces us to his own, private world, with the use of various means of artistic expression. He deals with drawing, oil painting, acrylic paints and graphic art drawn with ink. Consecutive series created by the artist concentrate on the very gist of the world, on the mysterious space which surrounds this centre.

This space is what Piotr Zemsta's spectators are invited to explore. We do not see anything accidental or unplanned here, in the paintings. To the contrary, this world is deeply thought-through and is a result of very consciously made choices, with all the aspects playing an important role and chosen to suit the author's plan perfectly. The works have their special form, which is a part of the artist's vision of the future. It is the spectator who finishes reading this painting vision and translates images into one's own language of feelings, sensations and visions. The gist – taking a look at nature, at nature's mysteriousness, its fantasy and at times at its corporeality. It is moreover a peculiar intertwining of forms and a transformation into physicality, carving this form so that it reveals emotions and feelings which seem to often remain hidden and ambiguous. However, they are not aggressive, nor do they ever trigger anxieties – they are not petrifying at all.

 Piotr Zemsta makes use of traditional symbols: eyes, human bodiesfemale heads. Still, applying these well-known and omnipresent elements, he reworks them in his own, auteur way, so that they become a reflection of his own feelings and visions, which each and every one of us will read in our own way, conditioned by our personal experience and nature. Moreover, the artist reaches to non-defined forms as well (present often it the background); nonetheless, they also always bear traces of the author's sensitivity and vision, which may seem irresponsible in fact, at the first glance.

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