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Tomasz Sawicki

 Tomasz Sawicki was born in1963 in Bychawa near Lublin. He has finished secondary art school in Lublin, smer design. He was studing at the Silesian University, Faculty of art Education; 1991 diploma from painting by prof. Norbert Witek and did afterdiploma studies from Conservation of Art and Architecture at the Politechnic in Krakow by prof. Wiktor Zin. His diploma work was publish as a book "Wędrówki po zabytkach Gminy Bolesław". He published also more books from the topic of art history. From 2008 doctoral studies at the Silesian University.

Tomasz Sawicki is working as director of Culture Center in Bolesław, teaches art and ceramics. 

He is interesting in paintings, photography, does tekstile, ceramics and is engaged in renovation of old clocks, furniture and musical instruments.  

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