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Andrea Bartošová

Andrea Bartošová
Born : 13. 09. 1977, Levice, Slovakia
Lives and works in Bratislava

1993-1997  ŠUV of Josef Vydra, Graphic design, Bratislava, Slovakia
1998-2005  Academy of Fine Arts, Painting studio Ivan Csudai, Bratislava, Slovakia

2007 VÚB FOUNDATION PRIZE- in competition for young artist, Bratislava, Slovakia   
2008  VÚB FOUNDATION PRIZE- in competition for young artist, Bratislava, Slovakia

2006  TRIPLE, Galéria GUBA, Bratislava, Slovakia
2006  B.I.O. Sentiment,/with J. Mrvová/, Galéria Ad Astra, Kuřim, Czech Republic
2007  Workshops 001, Tranzit, Bratislava, Slovakia
2009 Snake eat diamond, Tranzit, Bartislava
2013 Sunlight levels,Flattgalery,Bratislava

2003  Paradiso Perduto – Laco Teren and guests /A.Bartošova, M. Czinege/ Slovak National Museum,                     Bratislava, Slovakia
2004  Světliny, Galéria na Bidýlku, Brno, Czech Republic
2005 VEČNE HLADNÍ!/ FOREVER HUNGRY!, Tranzit, Bratislava, Slovakia
2006  Mladá maľba/Yuong paintig, Galéria Jána Koniarka, Trnava, Slovakia
2006  IV. Zlínsky salón mladých/IV. Zlín youth salon, Zlín, Czech Republic
2008 11+1, Dom umenia NOC, Bratislava, Slovakia
2009 11+1,Špálovka gallery, Prague,Czech Republic
2010 Young European Art, Mirbachov palác, Bratislava,Slovakia
2010 Painting after painting, SNG, Bratislava, Slovakia
2011 Early Harvest, CAESAR, Olomouc, Chech Republic
2013 Die Überlebenden,KUNSTanspruch,Wien
2014 Freudanthal Show 2.,Freud&Thal gallery,Bruntál,Czech Republic
2014 Dub gallery,Umelka gellery ,Braislava,Slovakia
2014 Space&Co,Gagarinka gallery,Bratislava,Slovakia


Among the young Slovak painters of her generation, Andrea Bartošová (1977) is considered one who consistently produces works of exceptionally high quality. When initially defining her artistic direction, she set herself apart from the rest of her colleagues – students in what is today known as the legendary “golden era” of Ivan Csudai’s studio (2004 – 2008) – choosing to follow a classical approach to painting. Practising her art within those traditional parameters, she does not deprive painting of its original mimetic function; in her work, we cannot find a mediator in the form of a digital picture between the painter and the aspects of reality she depicts. The artistic impetus remains readable in its original “raw” form; in many cases, she even takes her paintings to a point where they resemble sketches or underpaintings rather than polished “final” works. However, it is precisely the preservation of this instant of potential transformation that gives Bartošová’s paintings their unique character. This moment represents the very second when the painter has the opportunity to finish her painting without disturbing the complexity of the composition, overtly influencing the unity of its imagery, or diminishing the final outcome. Bartosova’s motifs often make the impression of being selected at random. The segments of reality that catch this painter’s attention come from a wide spectrum of thematic fields – from individual figure painting, through genre scenes, to landscapes. Through the use of these techniques and choices, an impression of authenticity and a spontaneous approach to painting is intensified in the viewer. Andrea Bartošová has twice ranked very highly in “The Painting of the Year” contest; in 2008, she won it with her painting “International Cruise”.


Evropska unija

Projekt je pripravljen s finančno pomočjo Evropske unije v okviru programa Phare CBC Slovenija/Italija 2003