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Motoko Katsuta

Motoko Katsuta

Motoko Katsuta KITANO‘S early years in Japan were immersed in the traditions of Japanese Literature, Calligraphy, and Noh Theatre, with various family members regarded as masters in those disciplines.

After undergratuate studies in 2 Dimensional Works at Tama Art University in Tokyo, she shifted her focus to Ceramic Sculpture at Post-Graduate level.

After completing university, Motoko was privileged to participate in the Artist In Residence program at Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park.

Motoko’s work was becoming noticed, and she, along with respected Lighting Designer, Satoshi Uchihara, were commissioned for the commemoration of the 400th Anniversary of the Kodaiji Temple in Kyoto. She created clay sculptures, and collaborated on the aesthetic vision of this historic icon.



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