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Ashis Kumar Pahi

Ashis Kumar Pahi : International Curator and Artist :  born 24th April 1973

Artist, curator, social worker and  animation film maker. He have 23 years of working experience in various from of art ( fine art :8 years, animation : 10 years. Film making: 5 years). He is founder of KALANIRVANA International Art Center Based at India , International art magazine, ‘Emerzing Stars’ and  GLOBAL ART NETWORK ( GAN) which is aiming to have network of artists from 55 countries.

                Born in 1973,in Bhubaneswar, India. After finishing his honors in political science, he got attracted to social work and formed a social organization called ‘Kartabya’ in 1993 with two of his friends later it became a well-known organisation with 250 plus active members. He joined B. K College of Art and Craft, Bhubaneswar, the premiere Govt. Fine Art Institute of Eastern India. After some years he found a new medium to express his creativity - Animation Film Making. He joined India's biggest animation film school to become one of the pioneers of Indian animation industry. His first animation short film 'ANOTHER REMINDER' was selected in three international film festivals (Portugal, Hiroshima, Mumbai) and widely appreciated. It’s the first single short movie of India. Ashis has moved with technology (From 1996-2008), making fine balance between Art and Technology, but never forgot to express his views on society.  He is a prominent face in Indian new media Industry and having 22 years of working experience starting from, graphics and paintings to photography, animation and film making. He worked as Creative Director for Zee Telefilms, Mumbai for 8 years and Directed India's first animation ad films 2003 ( Essel world main rahunga main; ghar nehin jauunga main), animation feature film, from 2000-2002 ( Bhagmati :the Queen of fortune ).Worked in Hollywood film 'LORD OF THE RINGS' as a Special effect Team Leader. Created the logo and Channel packaging for channels like ( zee premier, zee action, zee classic, zee smile, zee music ).

As a painter he uses colors that speak naturally on his paintings about his inner feelings on different stages, about the society he lives in, and about the problem it faces. He always tries to give message about the solutions. His work of art is always thought provoking in terms of color, composition, medium and message. His works can be divided into Four categories: 1) Indian Traditional Value  2) Indian Society  3) Global  Affairs   4) Inner Expression. As an artist Ashis has exhibited various Galleries in places like, New York, New Jersey, Miami, Istanbul, Izmir, Konya, Portugal, New Zealand, Easton, Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Bhubaneswar.

As an artist and film maker  he has always worked towards new innovation. He has founded  KALANIRVANA  International Art Center  in  2010 to promote and educate young talents to take art ( fine art, photography and film making ) seriously. Ashis have done workshops widely  on photography and film making  to aware the youth and old alike in various cities like Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, Ahmedabad etc. He have established international art and fashion magazine, ‘emerZing stars’ to provide global exposure to young talents in the field of fine art, photography, film making  and fashion. He is a person who is very much into social work and dedicate his service for upliftment of society and he is associated with organizations like Rotary club of Hyderabad,  Prince Charles of  Britain initiated BYST, Synergy India etc. He believes art is not only is a piece to be hanged on wall for decoration and entertainment, but also it has a bigger role to play. It can bring solution to a lot of social, political and intellectual problems and unite the whole world with sharing, understanding and communicating. He also believes in creating new art lovers and art market for the next generation. As a film maker he have worked in more than 12 short films, small and big starting from regional, hindi and  Hollywood which includes India’s first animation and live action feature film, ‘BHAGMATI:THE QUEEN OF FORTUNE’ and ‘LORD OF THE RINGS: PART 2’ . He also have made India’s first ever animated advertise film on ‘essel world’ in 2001.His student film, ‘ANOTHER REMINDER’ got nominated in the three International FILM FESTIVALS like Lisbon, Hiroshima and Mumbai in 1997 and 1998.

As a curator Ashis has curated more than 33 National exhibitions, 15 International exhibitions, Four Art CAMPS, Four international Artists’ residencies. Global art Network ( GAN) is his most ambitious project which aims to have network of artists and art galleries and organizations from 55 countries to exchange culture and emphasize international brotherhood through Art.

         'World Art Critics’ have brought Ashis into international lime light as it is rated among one of the most popular and happening group in FACEBOOK. He is founder of WORLD ART CRITICS, the most happening and popular art group in Facebook in 209-2012.

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