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MMM Art, oktober 2007

MMM ART 2007

Ten years. Numerous work meetings and so many artists! Numbers, which are enviable, even glaring, do not tell the whole story. They are merely dull, numerological signs. But behind them hide the lives of artists, project founders, winemakers, inhabitants of Medana; in short, of everyone that lives and breathes the MMM ART.

We get to know people through art, sharpen out personal sensibility, we feel, admire and respect diversity, closely guard and enrich our own identity, we meet and talk, and we become friends. That too is the purpose and function of work gatherings, a kind of function that can not be measured visually and can not be defined by numbers.

Artists need art to fulfil their need for expression. Viewers, admirers or just passing companions need it, too. It appeases our spirit, breathes lightness and beauty into our existence, and gives it value or even meaning.

In Medana, an individual becomes part of a group, tastes the magic of collective creativity and the restlessness of creative socializing. And they continue with profoundly personal, creatively affirmed artistic aspirations. These always pulsate in various diversities. This is their distinctive value. Diversities are becoming wealth and every moment passes in their reflection, a creative one as well as that other kind of a moment that simply accompanies the rhythm of work.

Art is being created, which “silently” expresses emotions, thoughts and experiences of its creators. Works that are, before anything else, a “reflection” of their creator. But they do not allow us to be passive, because they challenge us visually and communicate to us, so we can claim them for our selves – at least for a period of time – and form a personal, genuine relationship with them. In this way we at least partly appropriate them.

A working and relaxed atmosphere, characterised by positive vibrations, spreads freely from the studios into the surrounding environment. Artistic creativity touches people, which in their primary profession and interests aren’t closely connected to it. It enters their existence, leaves marks in their space and time. Yes, all of that marks them in a decisive way.

Artistic activities become the essence, around which a palette of creative media, heterogeneous artists, distinctive approaches, and cultural diversity are merged to form a synergy. This is a magnet that draws also the completely different, the non-artistic and marginal, into its vortex.

Ingmar Bergman said: “True art stirs a string of emotion within us and rouses our most intimate feelings.”

MMM ART’s art does not just stir strings of emotion, but rather plays them. And it plays the most beautiful, most harmonious melodies.

Anamarija Stibilj Šajn

Franz Berger Avstrija
Valentin Oman Avstrija
Bruno Paladin Hrvaška
Alfred de Locatelli Italija
Massimiliano Busan Italija
Franco Dugo Italija
Gianni Borta Italija
Klavdij Palčič Italija
Claudio Mrakic Italija
Paolo Figar Italija
Hetty Van der Linden Nizozemska
Andrej Pavlič Slovenija
Boris Zaplatil Slovenija
David Ličen Slovenija
Etko Tutta Slovenija
Jože Šubic Slovenija
Azad Karim Slovenija
Klavdij Tutta Slovenija
Lucijan Bratuš Slovenija
Metka Erzar Slovenija
Milovan Valič Slovenija
Miran Kordež Slovenija
Rajko Čuber Slovenija
Rudi Skočir Slovenija
Veljko Toman Slovenija

Evropska unija

Projekt je pripravljen s finančno pomočjo Evropske unije v okviru programa Phare CBC Slovenija/Italija 2003